We invite trust by revealing that we have nothing to hide. Total transparency with all relationships is ‘Utmost’ to our core and ethical practices.


…is the best policy, nothing more and nothing less. Honesty provides the foundation for trust and progression in business and flourishing professional football careers.


…means we do the right thing even when no-one is looking. When your on the pitch, we’ll be looking after your interests off it. We can be trusted to act with the ‘Utmost’ integrity at all times.

CEO & FA Registered Intermediary:
Marco Floreale

UTMOST SPORTS Management is a Football Agency that prides itself with an ethos of Transparency, Honesty & Integrity in representing footballers with their careers, ongoing development and life after football.

Utmost Sports Management was the brainchild of company CEO Marco Floreale, Marco is a qualified Solicitor and worked overseas for over 6 years in the Financial Services Sector where his years of expertise easily translates into the football world as contract negotiations and figures are pivotal to a players professional and private life.


We strive to negotiate on your behalf, the best contractual terms, with the same level of expertise and professionalism whether it is your first professional contract or a more senior contract. Marco is an experienced Solicitor who has successfully negotiated a myriad of contracts and is a trustworthy ally to have on your team.


Commercial and Endorsements – With connections and relationships established with leading sports brands we can help you on a boot and/or sportswear deal plus commercial opportunities so you can reliably perform to your utmost best, whilst we have your back (or foot).

Media & PR

Utmost will help you build your social media profile at the same time create your own brand. This area can be variable where we believe you need certainty and consistency that Utmost can and will deliver on.


Legal & Financial Services – Utmost’s CEO is a qualified Solicitor and has spent 6 years overseas in the financial services sector helping clients with their investments, creating wealth and protecting it. This personal service allows you to make an educated decision from a legally qualified expert.

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